Bruxism is the clenching or grinding of teeth and is much more common than you think. Often, people are unaware that they grind or clench their teeth because, for many, it is only a problem when they sleep. This type of bruxism is called nocturnal or sleep-related bruxism. Frequently,  it is a problem for people in the daytime as well, because it is thought to be related to stress and anxiety.


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Bruxism has the potential to be so problematic because it has the potential to break dental fillings and damage teeth when it is severe. Also, the rubbing of teeth together often causes the outer layers of enamel to wear away which exposes dentin (the hard-bony tissue that makes up the bulk of the tooth) and makes teeth more cavity prone.


Severe bruxism has also been known to be among the causes of some cases of jaw dysfunction, headaches when you wake in the morning, and unexplained facial pain. There are also many signs of bruxism that could indicate that you may suffer from bruxism including long-lasting face pain, a painful jaw joint, swelling on the side of your lower jaw, and rhythmic contractions of the jaw muscles.


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