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Oral Surgery Restores Your Dental Health to its Optimal State

At North Mesquite Dental Group, we take pride in our modern, state-of-the-art office where patients can enjoy our comprehensive dental services, including oral surgery. We have the experience, skills, and cutting-edge technology to undertake successful oral surgeries. Whether you need a simple dental extraction or complicated implant-based restoration, no job is too small or too big for Dr. Tina Foss and the team.

Our Oral Surgery Services

Oral Surgery encompasses various techniques and treatments designed to return your dental health to its former glory. If surgery is all it takes to restore your oral health, we are never afraid to go this route. Our rich menu of dental surgery services includes:

  • Surgical extraction: Has your tooth broken below the gum line level? For these cases, you need a surgical extraction. After numbing your mouth, we cut through your gums to access the trapped tooth. We break it into pieces for easier removal, remove it, and suture the surgical site to pave the way for healing.
  • Root canal treatment: If your tooth has an infection, you risk losing it if you don’t seek treatment. We offer gentle root canal services to save your dental health while preserving your teeth. Root canal treatment involves removing the diseased pulp tissue through an opening on the top of your tooth. We then clean your root canals and fill the tooth with gutta-percha to prevent future infections. The final step is restoring your tooth with a natural-looking crown.
  • Implant surgery: Do you have missing teeth? Would you want a tooth replacement that looks and functions like your natural teeth? We offer implant-based restorations to replace missing teeth. We have partnered with a competent oral surgeon who performs the implant surgery while we complete the treatment with natural-looking restorations.

Need oral surgery in Mesquite, Texas? Please dial (972) 619-7763 to schedule a consultation with North Mesquite Dental Group. Dr. Tina Foss will evaluate your dental health to determine if oral surgery is what you need to regain your optimal dental health.