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We all need dental treatment, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. A recent CDC report[1] identified that 47.2% of US adults aged over 30 require periodontal treatment. This increases significantly with age. Of the over 65 population, 70.1% also require periodontal treatment[1]. Periodontal treatment is used to treat some of the leading causes of gum disease and tooth loss.

Symptoms of gingivitis include halitosis and abscesses. All of these can be highly unpleasant, but periodontal therapy can help. Because of some of these issues, we know that visiting a dentist can be scary or embarrassing for some people. Our friendly team, located in Mesquite, Texas, will always explain any procedures. They will also advise honestly and never make you go through treatment you aren’t comfortable with.

What is Periodontal Therapy?

In a nutshell, periodontal therapy is a suite of non-surgical procedures and treatments designed to combat and prevent gum disease. These are known as periodontal scaling and root planing. Unfortunately, some of the symptoms of gingivitis (gum disease) are embarrassing, so many people put it off until absolutely necessary. But this is very dangerous. If left untreated, problems can escalate to tooth loss and bone or tissue grafting.

The treatments for periodontal therapy are pretty straightforward but can be invasive and uncomfortable at first. However, as you receive more treatment, the amount of uncomfortable treatment will reduce. Our hygienists will also go out of their way to make you as comfortable as possible and guide you through every step of the process to restore your gum health.

When You Need Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy is essentially an ongoing effort that begins at home. First and foremost, you should practice good oral hygiene. This includes brushing twice a day in the morning and night before bed. Additionally, you should use mouthwash before brushing. There are mild and alcohol-free alternatives now available.

Good oral hygiene aside, if you smoke, drink alcohol, or consume excessive amounts of sugar, you are at risk of severe oral problems. In addition, other issues such as diabetes, AIDS, and pregnancy[1] can also contribute to periodontal problems. 

If you experience any of the following[1], then seek the advice of a hygienist immediately:

  • Bad breath 
  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pain when chewing
  • Loosened teeth
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Apparent changes in your bite

If you ignore these warning signs, then you could exacerbate your oral problems even more. It’s never too late to receive treatment. At our Mesquite, Texas practice, we guarantee a friendly atmosphere where you won’t be judged. We are here to help you every step of the way.

What is Involved in Periodontal Therapy?

Visiting a dental practice is frightening for some people. Still, our periodontal therapy technicians are incredibly qualified and are there for you. Through every step of the way, they will guide you through the following process[2]:

  • Assessment; your oral hygiene will be inspected, so we know exactly how to treat you.
  • Anesthesia; local anesthetic is applied via a needle so you won’t feel any pain.
  • Scaling; plaque is removed from between and beneath your gums and crown bases.
  • Root Planing; plaque and tartar situated on your roots are removed.
  • Flushing; the affected area is flushed with antibacterial solutions.

Periodontal treatment is painless but can be uncomfortable. Our dedicated team is expert at these procedures and will guide you through all necessary steps. Treatment will be halted if you are scared or uncomfortable at any point.

Following treatment, you may experience gum pain and bleeding, sensitive teeth, and swelling. This is normal and will reside after a few days.

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