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Save Your Infected Tooth with Effective Root Canal Treatment

In the past, if you had an infected tooth or one with a badly damaged nerve, there was no way to rescue it. Extraction was the only way to save you from pain and further infection. Today, with root canal therapy, you can save a tooth that would otherwise be lost. This preserves your teeth and prevents you from undergoing costly and time-consuming restorative treatments.

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Signs that you need a root canal

Do I need root canal therapy? While only a dentist or endodontist can tell whether you need a root canal, there are signs you can keep your eyes peeled for. These include:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Bumps on your gums
  • Darkened tooth
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • The presence of an abscess
  • Swollen gums
  • A chipped or cracked tooth

To understand why you need a root canal, you need to comprehend the anatomical structure of your tooth. The outer part of the tooth is enamel, and beneath it is the dentin. At the center of the tooth lies the pulp chamber, which contains nerves and blood tissues to support the development of the tooth. When infection seeps into the pulp chamber, it can’t be reversed. The only way to save your tooth is to remove the diseased pulp through endodontic therapy.

What to expect from Root Canal Therapy

Remember when root canals were a big deal? Today, it’s like having a cavity filling. A root canal is nothing to fear, thanks to modern anesthetics, efficient techniques, and equipment. After Dr. Tina Foss establishes you are a candidate for a root canal, we numb your gums and make a small opening at the top of your tooth. We use this access hole to flush out the diseased pulp tissue. Then, we thoroughly clean and disinfect your root canals to eliminate bad bacteria.

Next, we seal your root canals with gutta-percha to prevent future infections. Finally, we place a temporary filling on your tooth while you wait for a permanent dental crown. After root canal treatment, we will give you after-care tips for a swift recovery.

Infected Root Canal Treatment Near Me

Want to find out how endodontic treatment can save your tooth from extraction? Consider North Mesquite Dental Group for all your root canal solutions. Please dial (972) 619-7763 to book an appointment.

Root Canal

Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a very common procedure. It has a reputation of being undesirable and painful. But when done properly it is actually painless. Every tooth in your mouth is composed of a crown and a root. When a cavity or bacteria penetrates the tooth, the root and its nerves become irritated. As a result, the bacteria within the pulp cavity needs to be removed and cleaned in order to restore the tooth to its healthy state. Following the procedure, the tooth is fragile and consequently is restored with the natural crown for a lifetime of durability. Root canals have a success rate of 95% or greater. Most root canal are diagnosed by patients’ sensitivities to a specific tooth. Be sure to consult your dentist any symptoms or discomfort occur.