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Overcome Gum Disease with Effective Periodontal Care

What’s the number one cause of missing teeth in America? If you say tooth decay, you are close, but gum disease is the leading cause of toothlessness (edentulism). Unfortunately, gum disease may not show obvious symptoms until your teeth become loose. When treated early, non-surgical treatments work well, but when the infection has attacked the bone-supporting structures, surgery may be the only option!

At North Mesquite Dental Group in Mesquite, Texas, we offer preventative dental care to avoid gum disease in the first place. However, if gum disease finds its way into your mouth, we offer effective periodontal care to restore your oral health to its optimal state.

How Gum Disease Develops

While genetics and lifestyle may cause gum disease, the number one trigger for gum disease is plaque—a sticky film of bacteria that clings to your teeth. Poor oral hygiene causes the buildup of plaque in your mouth, which invites harmful bacteria that release toxins inflaming your gums. The early form of gum disease is gingivitis and causes numerous symptoms, including:

  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums, especially when brushing your teeth
  • Red / inflamed gums
  • Tender gums

If plaque in your teeth isn’t removed, it hardens into tartar which becomes home to bacteria that affects not only your gums but also teeth and bones. At this stage (periodontitis), you may experience symptoms like:

  • Bad breath
  • Receding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Teeth misalignment

Most people may have gum disease without knowing it. That’s one reason we encourage bi-annual appointments with Dr. Tina Foss to detect gum disease early when it’s easily treatable.

Gum Disease Treatment for a Healthy Mouth

The early form of periodontal disease can be reversed by brushing twice every day and flossing daily, combined with routine dental cleanings. However, if you have moderate gum disease, you need more intervention. We offer deep cleaning services to stop the infection from advancing. This treatment involves scaling to remove plaque and tartar beneath your gum line. Root planing smooths out your tooth roots to discourage the growth of harmful bacteria.

If the gum infection has spread to your bone supporting structures, we recommend periodontal surgery to restore your dental health.

Don’t Let Gum Disease Steal Your Smile!

Have you noticed signs of gum disease in Mesquite, Texas? Please seek treatment before it’s too late. At North Mesquite Dental Group, we offer minimally invasive treatments to treat gum disease with comfort and effectiveness. Please dial 972-686-6477 to book an appointment today.

Gum Disease

Gum Disease

The 3 stages of gum disease are gingivitis, periodontitis, and advanced periodontitis. Gingivitis is caused by toxins irritating the gum line as a result of plaque buildup. Signs and symptoms of gingivitis includes swelling, sensitivity, and bleeding of the gums during brushing and flossing. Gingivitis can be easily reversed through professional care and good home oral hygiene. Periodontitis is categorized by irreversible bone loss that results from untreated gingivitis. The gums may begin to form a pocket below the gum line which traps food and plaque. Dental treatment and home care can help prevent from further damage, but at this stage, the results are not reversible. Advanced periodontitis is when the fibers and bones supporting the teeth destroyed. This may cause teeth to shift or loosen. Teeth may have to be removed depending on how advanced the disease has become and if treatments are not effective. You can begin by preventing gum disease with good oral health. Pick up a brochure or ask your dentist today.