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Professional Teeth Whitening Options for a Healthy and Vibrant Smile

You probably want a smile that lightens up a dull room, but all you see in the mirror are yellow-stained teeth. You can easily be swayed to rush to your nearest drugstore for a whitening kit, but think twice before you spend your money. Yes, most DIY whitening products are cheap, but the results are unpredictable, frustrating, and even painful. If you want to brighten your smile in Mesquite, Texas, leave it to the professionals at North Mesquite Dental Group. We use clinically tested methods to generate safe and incredible results.

How Professional Dentists Whiten Your Teeth

Ditch the ineffective store-bought products if you want to turbocharge your lackluster smile with teeth bleaching. Instead, turn to professionals, and you will be happy with the results. Dentists use the below options to add “wow” to your smile.

  • In-office teeth whitening: Nothing can beat an in-office professional teeth whitening when you want a whiter smile faster. This method can whiten your teeth in less than one hour! After evaluating that your oral health is free from cavities and gum disease, we use potent, professional-grade whitening gels to eliminate stains from your smile. Better yet, instead of mass-produced, one-size-fits-all solutions, we can personalize your smile to meet your unique needs.
  • At-home teeth whitening: Want to whiten your smile on your own schedule? We know most patients looking for brighter teeth are appealed by the convenience of store-bought products. However, with at-home teeth whitening trays, you can enjoy the same convenience with better results. Unlike the generic whitening trays from your local drugstore, dentists recommend custom-designed trays for consistent, effective, and safe results. Like professional in-office teeth whitening, professional at-home teeth whitening promises excellent results, only that you have to wait for a few days.

Professional Teeth Whitening Options in Mesquite, Texas

Ready to see what professional teeth whitening can do for your smile? Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Tina Foss by dialing (972) 686-6477. At North Mesquite Dental Group, we offer safe and proven teeth bleaching services to ensure you get the smile you deserve.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

At a young age our teeth are healthy white. But overtime the enamel coating the tooth is so slowly worn down. Causing our teeth to become stained and yellow, which is why teeth whitening is become increasingly popular today. There are a few methods for whitening. They include at home and in office. With in office treatments, you will see faster results, receive the safest treatment for bleaching the teeth, and yield the whitest smile. So, don’t settle for teeth that have become stained from years of coffee drinking, tobacco use, or just aging. Ask your dentist about whitening options that may be right you.