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Players of contact sports can incur injuries to the face quite often. Injuries to the face can cause all sorts of problems, from black eyes to broken teeth. If your teeth are damaged during a sports game, it can cause pain and expensive dental bills. To prevent injury to your teeth during a contact sports game, you can benefit from wearing athletic mouth guards. 

If you play a contact sport such as lacrosse, rugby, ice hockey, or football, then you may want to invest in an athletic mouth guard to protect your teeth from falls, body contact, and flying equipment. Dental practices in areas such as Mesquite, Texas, can provide you with a custom-made guard. 

An athletic mouth guard is typically designed to be worn on the upper teeth but can also be worn on the lower teeth. They are made from soft plastic, which forms a protective layer over your teeth to prevent broken teeth and lip damage. If you receive a blow to the face during a contact sport, the athletic mouth guard will absorb the shock and any potential trauma. When something hits the face, the energy is distributed evenly. When wearing an athletic mouth guard, it will incorporate this energy instead of your face. 

Athletic mouth guards are essential equipment if you want to protect your teeth and mouth from injury during sport. The main reason to get one is for protection reasons. Other reasons may include protecting already misplaced teeth or guarding an injured jaw. A mouth guard may not necessarily protect against concussion, but they can protect your mouth, teeth, and jaw from severe injury. 

The process of getting an athletic mouth guard involves tailoring the mouth guard to fit your mouth, teeth, and jaw comfortably. During your first appointment with the dentist, they will take a dental impression. An impression will involve you biting down hard on a soft mouth guard, which will result in the guard being imprinted with your teeth shape and size. The impression will be taken to a laboratory where the experts will custom design your mouth guard to fit your teeth snugly. After the custom-made mouth guard has been made, you will visit the dentist to see if they fit well, and then you can go ahead and use them for your sporting matches. 

Athletic mouth guards may not necessarily be comfortable at first, but your mouth will get used to them in time. They will fit well to prevent stress or irritation during a match. After you experience your first impact, you will notice how much shock they absorb to protect your teeth and will continue to wear one to prevent future injury. They are often an essential piece of equipment that your sports coach will ensure you wear before playing. 

Instead of risking an injury to the teeth and cutting your sports game short, invest in an athletic mouth guard to prevent stress and damage.