Why Are Teeth Cleanings Beneficial?

If you have a professional teeth cleaning appointment coming up, get ready for all of the benefits headed your way! These checkups can help you and your smile in many different ways. To explain, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to list some of the benefits related to your teeth cleaning appointments in , …. Read more »

Tips for Halloween: Caring for Your Teeth

Now that the Halloween season has come around, it is important to set up an effective oral health care plan to help you prepare for a successful season with a successful smile. If you are not careful, Halloween treats can easily damage your teeth and gums. If you choose to have a healthy and successful… Read more »

Oral Hygiene When You Are Sick

Cold and Flu Season is coming up quickly. If you find yourself down and out with an illness this year, chances are good that you will just want to curl up with a good book, or binge-watch your favorite program. You probably won’t feel like brushing your teeth, and oral hygiene may be the last… Read more »

Dealing WIth Dental Anxiety

Some people feel nervous, anxious, or even fearful when it’s time for their visit to the dentist. If a person is scheduled for a filling or a root canal, that person may understandably feel a little jittery. But many people feel nervous about routine dental visits. While this discomfort is a very real thing, it… Read more »

Consider Dental Bonding

A dental bond is a professional oral health care procedure that utilizes special materials to enhance your smile. Listed below are some key facts about dental bonding: – Dental bonding applies resin and porcelain materials directly onto the faces of your teeth for a durable hold that improves both look and function. – Dental bonding… Read more »

Treating Gum Disease

How can you tell if you have gum disease? If you have the first stages of gingivitis, an early form of gum disease, you may not feel any pain at all. However, if gum disease is not treated, it can get worse. The end result may be lost teeth, loss of bone in your jaw,… Read more »

Oral Emergencies and Your Smile

Are you prepared to act in the event of an oral emergency or accident? Do you have safety supplies handy in case an issue ever arises? Although most oral emergencies are sporadic, speedy treatment can make an enormous difference in the likelihood of success and your recovery time. If you should suffer an oral accident… Read more »

Remove Oral Abnormalities with Laser Dentistry

Did you know that irregularities in your mouth may be able to be corrected via the use of laser dentistry? Lasers are extremely precise and capable of a variety of tasks. Remove oral abnormalities with laser dentistry and achieve the following oral health care treatments: – Laser dentistry is extremely effective for cavities and tooth… Read more »

How Can You Tell If You Are Suffering from Bruxism?

If you are suffering from extra sensitive teeth, or feel that you may have some sort of disorder in your mouth but are unsure what it may be, consider bruxism. Bruxism is an oral health disorder that often appears as a sleep disorder as it causes a person to unconsciously grind their teeth, often while… Read more »

Dental First Aid Kits for Beginners

Do you have a dental first aid kit? This is an essential. (and often neglected) part of any living situation. Perhaps you recognize its worth but don’t know where to start. Here are some items to consider putting in your kit. As a note, items that seem new to you will include descriptions: -Temporary filling… Read more »