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If you have just undergone Oral Surgery, you will want to do everything you can to accelerate the healing process so you can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Your dentist should have provided you with advice about what you should and should not do, but if you need a reminder, here are the most important things to remember to speed up recovery. 

What you should do

Get plenty of rest

Like any surgery, you must get enough rest for a few days after you are discharged from the practice. Take some time off work where possible and be sure to keep your head propped up to reduce swelling and avoid bleeding. 

Eat soft food

Your mouth will be delicate after undergoing Oral Surgery. Soft food and liquid, such as bananas, soup, ice cream, and yogurt should all become a part of your diet to prevent irritation and give your mouth the chance to recover successfully. 

Keep your mouth clean

Even if you have had your mouth stitched up following oral surgery, there is still a chance of infection. You’ll need to keep your mouth clean with warm salt water 24 hours after the operation and rinse following each meal. It’s also important to brush and floss gently but avoid the surgical area until it has healed completely.

Stick to your antibiotics 

To ensure you do not experience a bacterial infection, you must stick to your antibiotics for the prescribed course. Whether this is a few days, a week, or more, you should take them regularly and make sure to read the instructions. 

What you shouldn’t do

Do not smoke or drink

Smoking and drinking alcohol will hinder the healing process, and it is because of this that you must not smoke or drink while your mouth is healing. 

Avoid hard foods

Hard foods such as biscuits, candy, popcorn, carrots, or apples can all become lodged in the surgical area, which can cause an infection to flare up. Dental professionals recommend that you avoid eating these types of food (at least in the surgical area) for as long as eight weeks after oral surgery.

Do not exert yourself

Exercise, heavy lifting, and stress can all affect the rate at which you recover from your surgery as it increases the blood flow and might rupture blood clots. This can cause significant issues, so make sure you avoid physical and mental exertion for at least three days. 

Stay away from hot food and drink

Hot food and drink risk scalding the delicate area where you had oral surgery, and with local anesthesia, you might not notice it. Wait until the anesthesia wears off before drinking hot tea and coffee. It might be best to avoid it altogether until you are confident the area has healed. 

Any problems

If you experience any issues during your recovery, such as pain, profuse bleeding, or fever, get in touch with your dentist as quickly as possible. 

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