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If most people are honest, they do not go to the dentist as much as they should. However, regular dental cleanings are important to ensure that you look after your smile and any issues are picked up on before they turn into bigger (and more expensive) ones! With that in mind, we are going to explain more about dental cleanings in Mesquite, Texas and how often you should get one.


What happens during a dental cleaning?

You may be wondering what you should expect during your first dental cleaning. There is nothing to worry about, but we will explain the process further to give you peace of mind. The cleaning will start with a physical exam of your mouth. The dentist will use a small mirror to look around your gums and teeth to see if there are any signs of concerns. If there are, your dentist will inform you of this and give you advice regarding any treatment if required.


Once they have done this, they will get to work removing tartar and plaque. You may hear a scraping sound, but there is nothing to worry about. The more tartar there is around your mouth, the more time that will be required to scrape that spot. Flossing and brushing can help to prevent plaque from building up and hardening into tartar. If you have tartar, a professional and experienced dentist will need to remove this. 


After this, your dentist will then use a high-powered electric brush to clean your teeth. This is to provide your teeth with a deep clean and ensure that any tartar that has been left behind from the scaler is removed. The toothpaste used may have a gritty consistency. Your dentist then may provide you with expert flossing. After this, you will be asked to rinse your mouth so that you can get rid of any debris. Some dentists will then apply fluoride treatment as the final part of the process. This is important because it will help to protect your teeth against cavities for the months ahead. 


How often should you go for a dental cleaning?

If you have a healthy mouth and good oral hygiene habits, your dentist will probably recommend that you have your teeth cleaned professionally once every six months. A lot of dental insurance policies will cover two cleanings per year as well. If you have any mouth or dental issues, you will probably need to see your dentist more regularly than this. However, very few people go to the dentist as much as they should! 


So there you have it: an insight into dental cleanings and how often you need to get one. If you are looking for the best dental cleanings Mesquite, Texas has to offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. We would be more than happy to get you booked in for one as soon as possible.