Heart disease poses a serious threat to your life. In fact, heart disease is known to be a leading killer among adults today. Did you know, there is a link between heart disease and your oral health? Yes, it’s true! There has been evidence linking these two aspects of your health together, making it essential to keep both in top-notch shape.

Our [dr_type], Dr. Tina Foss, takes oral health very seriously, which is why you can feel assured you are in good care. As a result, our team at North Mesquite Dental in Mesquite, Texas, is happy to share the facts on the connection linking your smile to heart disease.

Here are the facts and links between heart disease and your oral health:

– Be sure to wash away any debris or plaque buildup in your mouth to lower your risk for poor oral health and subsequently, heart disease.
– To help improve your oral health and your heart health, visit your dentist for routine examinations.
– If you are not properly taking care of your teeth and gums, you can increase your risk for clogged arteries and strokes.
– Bacteria that enter your bloodstream and contribute to potential heart disease can arise from your mouth.
– Individuals that neglect their oral health care and the health of their gums are more at risk for heart disease.
– Endocarditis can arise due to poor oral health.

As you can see, your oral health is important and plays a critical factor in your life. If you have questions about your oral health, or if you need help with your smile, please call us today at [phone] to make an appointment. Our team is happy to assist you as soon as possible.