An accidental blow to the face or head can sometimes carry a significant amount of force. In a few of these cases the damage to teeth, gums and soft oral tissues can be severe.

Applying some simple first aid measures in a moment like this can help manage discomfort and minimize complications while you seek emergency treatment from a [dr_type] like Dr. Tina Foss.

If there is bleeding or some unwanted material trapped in your mouth you might be able to rinse it away with a little warm saltwater. If soft tissue swelling is an issue, lightly pressing a cold compress, or a bag of frozen vegetables to the area might be helpful.

Discomfort might be managed by rubbing a little topical oral analgesic near the affected soft tissues. Consuming a standard dose of an over the counter pain medication might also be beneficial.

Once Dr. Tina Foss assesses the severity of the problem [heshe] will present you with a treatment plan. Any damaged teeth might need to be treated with a dental filling, dental crown restoration or root canal. In some severe cases a tooth might need to be extracted. Any lacerated soft tissues might need to be sutured to allow them to heal.

If necessary, Dr. Tina Foss might also provide you with a prescription for pain medication, to help manage any discomfort during the healing process. These medications will need to be taken as directed at the stated times and dosages for maximum effect.

If you are in the Mesquite, Texas, area and you or someone close to you has just suffered a significant oral trauma, you should call [phone] to seek emergency care at North Mesquite Dental.