Cold and Flu Season is coming up quickly. If you find yourself down and out with an illness this year, chances are good that you will just want to curl up with a good book, or binge-watch your favorite program. You probably won’t feel like brushing your teeth, and oral hygiene may be the last thing on your mind.

But just because you are ill, you don’t get to put your dental health on hold. First, keep up on your brushing and flossing, even if it is tough to get out of bed. But keep your toothbrush away from the others in your household so that the germs and bacteria from your mouth will not contaminate other people. To make sure that you don’t spread your germs to others. If your immune system was seriously compromised, consider throwing your toothbrush out.

Cough drops and cough syrup can bring some much needed relief if you have been dealing with coughing fits. But read the label before you purchase a any medicine. You should avoid products with corn syrup and fructose. These contain sugars and since they will be in your mouth for a while, those sugars can cling to your teeth and contribute to cavities.

Occasionally, vomiting may accompany the flu. This will leave acids in your mouth and you should rinse with a mixture of baking soda and water to neutralize those acids. You will want to stay hydrated and avoid dry mouth, so drink water, and suck on sugarless cough drops to stimulate the production of saliva. If you have a cup of tea, do not add sugar or lemon.

If you have concerns about your oral health, our dentist, Dr. Tina Foss will be happy to talk with you and give you an exam. If you live in the city, state area, you can make an appointment at North Mesquite Dental by calling [phone]. We look forward to seeing you soon!