Some people feel nervous, anxious, or even fearful when it’s time for their visit to the dentist. If a person is scheduled for a filling or a root canal, that person may understandably feel a little jittery. But many people feel nervous about routine dental visits. While this discomfort is a very real thing, it also needs to be overcome. If anxiety keeps someone from visiting the dentist, lost teeth and gum disease can be the result.

If you are a person who experiences dental anxiety, or even a dental phobia, talk to the dentist about your concerns. One way to address dental anxiety is through the use of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and delivered to a patient through a mask over the nose. It will leave the patient feeling relaxed, but not unconscious. The patient can still communicate with the dental team if necessary. What’s more, the effects of the gas dissipate quickly after the gas had been removed, and there are no lingering effects or recovery time.

Nitrous oxide is safe, and has been widely used by dentists for years. In fact some dentists prefer nitrous oxide as a sedative for children. Even if nitrous oxide does not appeal to you, take the time to have a discussion with your dentist about your anxiety. Your dentist and her staff will be happy to work with you to help you have a relaxing appointment.

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