A dental bond is a professional oral health care procedure that utilizes special materials to enhance your smile. Listed below are some key facts about dental bonding:

– Dental bonding applies resin and porcelain materials directly onto the faces of your teeth for a durable hold that improves both look and function.
– Dental bonding is an auxiliary tooth-colored dental filling procedure that helps treat and avert cavities.
– Dental bonding can be used to cover a portion of a tooth that has been exposed when gums recede due to periodontal disease or for other reasons.
-Dental bonding can be used to make teeth look longer or to change their shape.
– Dental bonding can address minor spacing issues amongst teeth.
– Dental bonds can be shaded to blend in with the anticipated color of your teeth.
– Dental bonding is occasionally used to fix damage from accidents and injuries such as chips, cracks and fractures.

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