If you are suffering from extra sensitive teeth, or feel that you may have some sort of disorder in your mouth but are unsure what it may be, consider bruxism. Bruxism is an oral health disorder that often appears as a sleep disorder as it causes a person to unconsciously grind their teeth, often while sleeping.

When looking for signs of bruxism, focus on physical damage within your mouth. This can include strange markings on your tongue, tissue damage to your cheek that looks like bite marks, teeth that appear shine less or dull, and cracks and chips in teeth that have no apparent logical cause.

However, not all forms of bruxism appear visible in your mouth, other clues include earaches that do not take place inside your ear and weak or painful movements within your jaw as it tried to open or close. Another surefire way to determine if you a grinding your teeth as you sleep requires asking a roommate or someone who has seen you sleep if they noticed you grinding and clenching your teeth.

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