Do you have a dental first aid kit? This is an essential. (and often neglected) part of any living situation. Perhaps you recognize its worth but don’t know where to start. Here are some items to consider putting in your kit. As a note, items that seem new to you will include descriptions:

-Temporary filling material—a special polymer that repairs your lost filling for up to a month.
-Temporary cement—an over-the-counter dental cement. It can hold a loose crown or tooth in place for a short time.
-Small mixing bowl and dental spatula—These two things will help you mix dental cement or filling material before applying it
-Dental picks—Did you know you can buy the long metal picks that dentists use to clean your teeth? With a little training, they can be very useful in an emergency
-Dental wax—provides temporary relief for those experiencing irritation caused by braces or other dental appliances
-Small sterile gauze pads for bleeding
-Cotton rolls and/or pellets
-Orasol gel packets
-Dental mirror
-Antimicrobial skin wipes or hand gel
-Dental floss/flossers
-Ibuprofen or other anti-swelling based aspirin

-Instructions for using each item–You might find directions online or you can write them yourself.

If these items are close at hand in a dental emergency, they can literally save your teeth. However, please understand that they offer only temporary relief. If you or a member of your family are in a dental emergency, you can call North Mesquite Dental in Mesquite, Texas at [phone]. We’re here on stand-by to save the day.