Wisdom teeth start out deep within the gum tissues at the back of your mouth. They typically attempt to emerge at some point in late adolescence after all of your permanent molars have come in. Unfortunately, most people have very little available room in the back of their mouth to accommodate these teeth.

When this happens, the teeth can easily become trapped in the gums or they can twist into a position that makes it impossible for them to emerge. This can cause significant pressure, discomfort, and pain. As time goes by, an impacted wisdom tooth could even threaten the health and integrity of the rear molar’s roots.

To prevent this from happening, Dr. Tina Foss often recommends having wisdom teeth extracted as a preventative measure. While some pre-emergent wisdom teeth can be extracted without sedation, an impacted wisdom tooth will likely need surgical extraction.

For this treatment, you will need to be fully sedated and you will need a ride home while the sedative effect dissipates.

We might also prescribe some anti-inflammatory or pain management medication to help you remain comfortable through the recovery process. While your gums heal, you will need to stick to a soft-foods diet and avoid drinking through a straw. Any other postoperative care instructions will be provided by your surgeon.

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