Dental fillings are designed to restore the full function of a tooth and prevent complications after it was attacked by tooth decay. The pervasive bacteria living in your mouth can exploit the seam between the filling and the surrounding healthy tooth enamel. Bacteria can infiltrate this space and form a new area of decay. If the decay is not detected and treated, it could cause decay and infection in the root of the tooth.

When this happens, your dentist, Dr. Tina Foss, might need to perform a root canal. A root canal in Mesquite, Texas, is a method of treatment where [heshe] removes the tooth enamel and extracts all decayed or infected tissues from the interior of the tooth.

Once all the affected materials have been removed, Dr. Tina Foss will start the process of rebuilding the tooth. This is done by applying gutta percha to create a small, post-like structure called an abutment.

At the end of the appointment, Dr. Tina Foss will cast a detailed impression of the abutment and all other relevant teeth in the area. This will be sent off to a dental lab where a dental crown is custom made. Then, [heshe] will cover the abutment with a hard, plastic, temporary crown.

A member of our team will call you to schedule a second appointment when the new crown is ready. During this appointment, Dr. Tina Foss will remove the temporary crown and cement your new crown into place.

To learn more and to schedule an appointment, we invite you to contact North Mesquite Dental today.